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Vancouver Island Salt

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With over 95% of sea salt around the world being harvested without the use of filtration, whatever is in the ocean, ends up in the salt. With the growing concern over micro-plastics, Vancouver Island Salt Co. recently partnered with Ocean Wise scientists to prove the effectiveness of their filtration at removing these small particles which is another step towards offering the cleanest salt in all of Canada!

ROASTED GARLIC: Freshly roasted garlic gives this salt its bold, aromatic flavour. 

Sprinkle Roasted Garlic Sea Salt on fresh-off-the-grill corn-on-the-cob,grilled peppers & charred eggplant, soups, roast chicken, pan-fried pork chops and stir-fry dishes (try it with a prawn and mix veg sautee). This salt also makes for a great topper on bruschetta and as the salt for popcorn and roasted nuts. Mushrooms love this salt as it's a great complement to earthy flavours.

BLUE CHEESE: An unexpected burst of salty-umami flavour is in this finishing salt that’s great of steaks, pasta dishes, potatoes, crudite and dips. Real blue cheese is added during the last stage of harvest to infuse flavour and aroma to this gourmet finishing salt. Adventurous chefs have used this in their baked bread as well as chocolate.  A natural pairing with red meat, bitter salad greens, tomatoes and popcorn, our Blue Cheese Infused  Sea Salt is the perfect finishing salt for when you want an unexpected layer of deliciousness to your food.

SMOKED PAPRIKA:A bold sea salt that adds zing to red meat, stews and grilled dishes. Smoked paprika is added during the last stage of harvest to infuse flavour to this gourmet finishing salt. This finishing salt is great added to your Caesar cocktail rimmer, and on top of cheese appetizers. We love the boost of flavour this salt brings to Middle Eastern salads and Mediterranean dishes.

BALSAMIC VINEGARBalsamic Vinegar Sea Salt is infused with rich balsamic vinegar that adds a mildly sweet-tart, caramelized note to the salt. Pairs beautifully with fresh tomatoes, unripened cheeses, toasted nuts, and as a topper on fresh focaccia bread. Great on summer and winter salads, dips, seafood,  Try on fresh fruit and vegetables for a surprising treat.

ORANGE & LIME: A favourite finishing salt on seafood, salads and pork, this flavour infusion works great as a cocktail rimmer for margaritas and Caesars, too! Fresh orange and lime zest infuse this gourmet sea salt with citrusy flavour notes. Particularly great on salmon and chargrilled vegetables like asparagus and broccoli, sprinkle this salt on quick pickles and ceviche for a great flavour boost! Also our go-to salt for salsa verde.