Kildonan Place Location

Our newest 800 sq foot store located just off to the side of the food court in Kildonan Place mall features not only delicious home made treats but lots of other great gift and every day items.  sweet C bakery has made it their mission to help grow the local economy but supporting other small businesses.  95% of the products found in this store come direct from small businesses in Manitoba. 4% of the products come from Canada and the remaining 1% come from other companies outside of Canada but still hold Canadian divisions employing Canadians.  sweet C bakery has found that for it to make the biggest impact on the economy they had to change their suppliers to Manitoba / Canada suppliers as well.  With all but one supplier remaining in Canada they are making huge strides towards their goal and showing the importance of growing their local economy.  The following Manitoba brands can be found on their shelves:

Manitoba Made

North Country Grains

Perfect Pairs

Gourmet Inspirations

Smak Dab

Sheepdog Coffee

Sand Stone Style

Grysiuk Queen Bee Honey

Soy Harvest

Happy Dance Hummus

Pebble & Dime Jewellery

Sarah Neville Greeting Cards

R&R Co. Bracelets

Coal & Canary

Diva & Dudes Collar

JSW Custom Creations

She Sparkles

Sugar Beach

Scientific Sweets

Wendi Whale



Funky Fleece

Born to be Rad

Paper Canoe

John Russell Honey

Decadence Chocolates

Whiskey & Wine Woodworking

Lend Me Some Sugar

Pop Cart Popsicle


Canadian Made Items

Split Tree Cordials

Damiens Hot Sauce

Vancouver Island Sea Salt

Alicja Confections

Sweetsmith Peanut Brittle

Peace by Chocolate **Coming Soon


Other Items

Stuffed Animal House