Gift Concierge - Have A Lot of Gifts To Send?










Candy Sushi

Whether you’re sending 1 or 500 gifts, our gift concierge service makes it super easy to send sweet C bakery treats to your clients, friends, and family members. Just call or email—or get started below—and we’ll take care of all the details for you. It’s a simple and delicious thing.

Step 1 - Download order form

If you’re sending gifts to a lot of people, the easiest way to get all of the shipping information to us is to complete an order form (it’s a spreadsheet). You’ll know exactly what information you need to provide, in what format, and you’ll be able to do it all at once.


Step 2 - Pick Your Gifts

This is the super fun (and delicious) part. Choose a mixture of your favourite items, or shop by collection. Need help? Call or email a gift concierge and they’ll help you pick the best options suited for you.

Step 3 - Upload Your Order Form

Shipping information entered? Gifts messages included? "Shopping complete?Fill in the fields below with your contact information and then upload and submit your order form. A gift concierge will be in contact within 24 hours (one business day) with your total cost and next steps.