Fundraising - Sell Dough to Make Dough

Winnipeg Bakery 



EASY AS PIE (or this case cookies):

1. Before you sign up decide on a Group Captain

 2. Determine how many people will be fundraising in the group

 3. Fill out the fundraising form below or contact us directly to start the process

4. Receive and review fundraising kit

5. Confirm your fundraising goal!

6. Hand brochures & forms to all group members

7. At the end of your selling period, each group member must submit their fundraising total sheets, all monies raised and submit them to group captain

8. Group captain confirms total owed and submits total tallies to us

9. We will ship all dough orders to the group

Click Here To Start Rolling In The Dough by sending us a quick message to know you are ready to receive your started fundraising kit


Winnipeg BakerySchools, groups, clubs, teams and organizations can purchase our cookie dough products for a discounted price of $5 each selling them for $7 each, making a $2 profit on each sale.





Winnipeg BakeryOur cookie dough packs contain 12 pre-portioned cookie dough portions.  These are handmade from scratch right here in Winnipeg, MB.  A listing of cookie dough and fundraising products can be found in our online fundraising brochure, located right HERE!