Corporate Gifting

sweet C bakery sweets, treats & eats are the best way to make an ever-lasting impression with your clients, coworkers, etc. From sweet to sweet and savory, our treats along with your branding are the perfect gift for the holidays, client birthdays and anniversaries, or any other reason to say 'thank you'.
No order size is too small or too large for us to handle. Thank you so much for thinking of us!

Best ways to use our Corporate gifts?
- Holiday Gifts
- Thank yous, Birthdays, Anniversaries Client Referrals & Appreciation
- New Home Buyer Gifts Can you Co-brand with my logo?
- Custom logo stickers and edible images
- Personalized notecards


How does it work?

- Send over your address list / Batch upload your shipping details (see below under GIFT CONCIERGE)
- Shipping across Canada, Delivery in city limits and Store Pick up options available