About us

sweet C bakery was created to simply help put food on the table while I was a stay at home mom. We started going to small craft sales, do the odd birthday cake, etc. Fast forward to where we are now, we are extremely known for our Candy Sushi, which is sought after worldwide, our chocolate covered oreos which are trend setting here in Winnipeg and our glamorous and delicious dessert buffets.


We love to create pieces of edible art that make people stop and say "is that edible?"  "can I eat that?"  "that cannot be real?"  Now, not only do we love to make it look beautiful it tastes delicious. We pride ourselves on baking from scratch and ensuring that even though we create trending confections we can look back and say "we made that by ourselves"

If you have any feedback, questions or comments for us or about our products. Please fill out the form or send us a quick email to cori@sweetcbakery.ca or give us a call at (204) 505-5030

Come check out newest manufacturing facility located right here in Winnipeg. Not only is it our open concept production plant but it also serves as a store front and retail space for all our delicious treats.  While watching us produce our infamous items choose from the fresh baked cookies / slices / cupcakes, or select some candy sushi or chocolate covered oreos off the shelf.  Be sure to peruse the Manitoba Made products that line our store front showcasing the talent this province has to offer.

1171 Kildare Avenue East - Unit B

Store Hours:

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - 12pm-7pm

Saturday - 11am - 5pm